Monday 29th January

| BY Finn Blythe

Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Unveil Their Spring 2018 Campaign

Find here a cherry-picked selection of the latest campaign from Raf Simons’ Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, captured by the lens of Willy Vanderperre. Wondering why that barn looks so damn familiar? Like a serial killer bating his victims to the same secluded spot, here, over twenty models make their way to the rickety barn that has provided the backdrop for Calvin’s recent #MYCALVINS denim campaign. Either that or they’re preparing for an impending apocalypse by making sure their bedding is 100% sorted before things really kick off. Which, to be fair, would be very smart. 

But we’re going with the former, because that barn just looks made for a spot of murder and, more importantly, considering the theme of American horror that defined Raf’s sophomore Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Underpinned by Warhol’s iconic Death & Destruction series, “It’s about American horror and American beauty”, was Raf’s post-show message back in September, “fashion tries to hide the horror and embrace the beauty. But they are both part of life”. Much like the clothes that beguiled and bewitched us on the runway that day, those words continue to resonate in our heads even now. It’s certainly what we’re blaming all these morbid thoughts on, anyway.