Tuesday 2nd August

| BY Jack Moss

Calvin Klein Confirms Raf Simons As Chief Creative Officer

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In what has possibly been the worst kept secret in fashion, Calvin Klein have today announced that the wonderous Raf Simons will be crossing the Atlantic to take over as Chief Creative Officer for the iconic American brand. Hoorah! As huge devotees of his work, Ten Towers is obviously in a state of frenzied excitement. The whole thing was announced not via press release but on via their social media (modern!), noting that the Belgian designer will begin his role immediately. Which thus makes the fashion world positively dripping with anticipation for his very first show this September. And, in an unprecedented move, he will take complete creative control of all aspects of the brand – men’s and women’s runway, as well as jeans, undies and home furnishings. Raf literally all over your body. Fab. “Not since Mr. Klein himself was at the company has it been led by one creative visionary,” said Steve Shiffman, CK’s CEO. “I am confident that this decision will drive the Calvin Klein brand and have a significant impact on its future. Raf’s exceptional contributions have shaped and modernized fashion as we see it today.” We couldn’t agree more. Congratulations Mr Simons!

Photograph courtesy of Calvin Klein