Monday 5th February

| BY Finn Blythe

Calvin Klein Underwear’s Latest Release Features Andy Warhol’s ‘Kiss’

CK1It’s not often that one is presented with the opportunity to clothe one’s loins (and other bits) in a seminal piece of art, but that’s exactly what Calvin Klein Underwear is offering here. In continuation of the brand’s blossoming partnership with The Andy Warhol Foundation, Warhol’s Death & Destruction series ominously themed Raf’s Calvin Klein 205W39NYC September show, a new capsule collection featuring one of the artists’ earliest film works adorn a new range of undies. Kiss was a series of films made in the early 1960s in reaction to Hollywood’s puritanical censorship laws that prohibited any hanky-panky lasting more than three-seconds. I mean, we’ve heard of the Five Minute Man but that takes the biscuit… In one of his earliest cinematic explorations, Warhol’s response was to train his camera in close-up on twelve couples, including bi-racial and homosexual pairings, as well as Factory superstars like Naomi Lavine and Baby Jane Holzer, locking lips for (an impressive) three and a half minutes each. The stills of these subversive films, which both denounced and resisted the power of Hollywood, are here memorialised via Calvin’s cotton-fresh undergarments, available online as of today. CK3