Thursday 7th February

| BY Dino Bonacic

As Cara and Olivier Strip Down for Balmain, We Bring You Five of the Most Shocking Nude Fashion Campaigns


If you happen to be flipping through the latest issue of Ten Magazine (shame on you if you don’t have it yet!), you’ll catch Olivier Rousteing and Cara Delevingne recreating a famous Janet Jackson album cover in an image by Dan Beleiu. (Un)dressed in the SS19 designs, they are posing as the faces of the latest Balmain campaign. Joined by the rebranded logo, some statement denim and not much more – they look absolutely fierce. So, in celebration of their sheer fabulosity, we’re throwing it back to five of the most shocking naked campaigns in the history of fashion and beauty.

1.  Yves Saint Laurent in the campaign for YSL Pour Homme perfume; photo by Jeanloup Sieff, 1970.
Before Tom, Marc and Olivier got into their birthday suits for the sake of their brand campaigns, there was Yves Saint Laurent himself. For the launch of his Pour Homme perfume, he decided to strip down and sit on several layers of cold-looking leather. Only his signature sunglasses and goldy locks completing the perfectly-lit image, this was one of those major moments that made every fashion history handbook. Sex sells, they say.


2. Kate Moss in the Calvin Klein Obsession for Men campaign; photo by Mario Sorrenti, 1992.
Ok, so when it comes to Kate Moss naked for Calvin Klein, the options were close to endless. She’s known for being on board with undressing for the sake of fashion, and why not? With a body like that, we’d be first to get out of our knickers. But one image in that portfolio stands out – Mario Sorrenti shooting Kate on a couch, advertising a men’s perfume. This was the first time a subtle tan-line became sexy. Thanks, Kate!


3. Sophie Dahl for YSL Opium perfume ad: photo by Steven Meisel; 2000.
Two words: Steven Meisel. The man knows how to capture a female form, and should you ever search for any inspiration for your dirty nudes – let him be on the top of your moodboard. Here, he photographs supermodel Sophie Dahl in the moment of ecstasy, with gold metallic heels, jewels for day and some pretty incredible make-up… That’s Tom Ford’s creative direction for you. And you know she smells divine too, because she’s wearing Opium. Bam!


4. Tom Ford’s ad at Gucci; photo by Mario Testino; Spring 2003.
And where Tom Ford, sexy follows. Arguably one of the most iconic fashion campaigns ever, he shaved a girl’s pubic hair in the shape of a G. For Gucci. For Gorgeous. G for Groundbreaking. The smooth, tanned body, and a lot of shiny silk setting the scene… It’s what we need framed on our walls, as the backdrops of our computers and phones… Naked Gucci everywhere we look, and some grooming inspiration too.

gucci tom ford

5. Marc Jacobs Bang ad; photo by Juergen Teller; 2010.
Oiled up on a bed of foil. No, we’re not talking about our Sunday roast, but Marc Jacobs’ campaign for his Bang scent. Tatted up and covering his junk with an oversized bottle of frag, Jacobs is all of our beauty goals rolled up into one. When you’ve got it, flaunt it. And when you’re Marc Jacobs, put it on every billboard worldwide. Ah-mazing!