Friday 4th September

| BY Jack Moss

Cartier Panthère: The Book

Cartier 2Think of the new Cartier book – Cartier Panthère – as a box of wonderment. Not least because it actually comes in a box, as all good coffee table books should, but also because of the wealth of opulent jewels that readers will find printed upon its fine, glossy pages. As the astute amongst you may have already gathered, the book focuses upon Cartier’s iconic symbol – the spotted panther – a rare bejewelled breed first discovered upon a Jeanne Toussaint-designed wristwatch in 1914. Over the years, Cartier has recreated their emblem in various combinations of precious diamonds and stones, on rings and bracelets, pieces of jewellery found displayed on the bodies of the world’s most glamourous women. But this is not just a catalogue of jewels (thought there are certainly plenty), but instead a study of the panther’s significance over the years, interpreted by everyone from Peter Blake and Vivienne Becker to André Leon Talley. “This is a truly elegant, surprising, and unique book, completely devoted to this iconic creation,” said Laurent Feniou, Cartier’s MD. We are already plotting a way to get our hands on the real jewels – but for the rest of you – big cat enthusiasts, diamond obsessives or just those who enjoy the finer offerings of life – this is a book will more than satisfy your demands.

Cartier Panthère is published by Assouline Books and is launched next week.