Tuesday 28th September

| BY Francesca Ciavarella

Celebrate 30 Years of Armani Exchange with the Brand’s new Streetwear collection

It’s not every day you turn 30, is it? Armani Exchange just launched a new collection to celebrate three decades in the biz, with the aim to evolve towards environmental awareness while remaining true to the brand’s core values.

Exactly 30 years ago, Armani Exchange entered the market with the aim of targetting a youthful audience, focusing on art and music in addition to garments. A|X, in fact, has always been about more than clothes. The brand supported artists across the world by selling CDs in its stores, merging music with fashion. Allowing young people to be their truest selves, while having a good time and celebrating with those around them, has always been the foundation of the brand.

Thirty years later, Armani Exchange’s focus is to better itself while staying true to its principles. In fact, this year, environmental awareness is the brand’s main concern. That is why A|X’s new collection uses highly sustainable, recycled, and low-impact materials.

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, Armani Exchange offers a selection of sleek, graphic pieces that preserve the energy of its past and adapt it to the needs of the current generation. The gender-neutral pieces can be mixed and matched according to one’s taste, thanks to the neutral palette that features white, black, and bold pops of red. Three cheers Armani Exchange, this is a cause for celebration.

Photography courtesy of Armani Exchange. Shop the collection here.