Sunday 30th September

| BY 10Magazine

Celine Now Highlights Of My Paris Would Not Be


Now highlights of my Paris would not be complete without a Celine interface: the shop, the show, the Celine woman. And as I longed for her experience all fashion month and I perched in my seat I grew more and more excited, what would she deliver this season, what would my already burdened credit card have to start preparing itself for, another round of Celine abuse?

Well yes cos frankly for me the collection was a lesson in how things should be done, tailoring with a more relaxed slouchy attitude, effortless, understated luxury relentlessly modern clothes that sing about a cool girl who never tries too hard and will always ooze style with pieces that you build with in your wardrobe not ticky fashion that has the disposable element but longevity.

Especially adored the sleeveless dinner coat trouser combo and the genius touch of the fur lined birkenstocks. But as you would expect I secretly wanted the yellow fur silhouettes I loved, loved loved this show it make me want to carry on through sometimes the sea of nonsense to strike gold. Thank you Phoebe. Thank goodness for Celine.

By Sophia Neophitou