Friday 1st February

| BY Dino Bonacic

Chanel Release 1957 – The Latest Fragrance to Join The Exclusive Circle of Les Exclusifs


1957. The year Ingrid Bergman won her second of three Academy Awards for the portrayal of Russian Duchess Anastasia, and the first ever frisbee was created. That same year, Mademoiselle Coco Chanel received the Neiman Marcus Fashion Award in Dallas and thereby began her consecration in America. In many ways, this was a groundbreaking moment for the legendary fashion designer who was so synonymous with European fashion. Reflecting the importance of the year and bottling it up into glass is Olivier Polge as he creates 1957, the latest addition to Chanel’s extensive library of very special fragrances called Les Exclusifs. The name is also a reflection of the times in a cultural sense – a reinterpretation of American perfumery mixed with ideas the USA had about French fragrances since the perfume of all perfumes, No.5, came out.

This is actually Polge’s 14th perfume for the house, and third in the Les Exclusifs range, yet it feels absolutely different from its peers. A mix of eight different white musks, it’s a game of transparency and opaqueness, with the interplay of depths – woody, honey, spicy and floral vibrations play into the volume of the fragrance. There’s vanilla notes as well as hints of cedar and orange blossom – breaking up the seeming whiteness of the scent. 19 also references Coco Chanel’s date of birth, while it’s the 57 part celebrates the reopening of Chanel US flagship boutique on East 57th street in NYC. A lot of meaning, and even more perfume – this is the time machine you need in your life.

1975 by Chanel is available to shop online and in selected stores.