Tuesday 27th March

| BY Finn Blythe

Chanel Ski And Swimwear Collections


Karl Lagerfeld never misses a trick. While on vacay in Saint Tropez, naturally, Mr Lagerfeld was struck by the lack of beach apparel on sale in the local Chanel boutique. C’est impossible! We’d like to think this moment of revelation was prompted by Mr Lagerfeld forgetting to pack his trunks, because knowing that fashion gods are also prone to such classic holiday gaffes would make us feel a lot better. But in reality, we think there’s as much chance of him forgetting his trunks as there is of him forgetting his shades, and that this discovery, like so many of Lagerfeld’s, was just the result of his shrewd business acumen. Either way, if this is Karl filling in the gaps of his empire, he’s addressed both poles with a new capsule for the snow as well as sun. Coco Neige and Coco Beach will be hitting stores this June, adding to the small matter of the six collections Mr Lagerfeld currently designs for the house.

We’ve always wondered why people go to such lengths to throw themselves down icy descents, but with the arrival of a Chanel uniform in which to do it, it’s beginning to make a lot more sense. And talking of good sense, Bruno Pavlovsky president of fashion at Chanel, shared some of his own, saying to WWD, “We have around 30 stores in seaside locations, and during the months of June and July, when towns such as Cannes, Nice, Capri, Barcelona and [cities in] Florida are incredibly busy, the stores are carrying winter collections.” Launching in June Coco Beach looks to overcome this oddity, while Coco Neige will be launching a month later with a wider distribution, and will even be available in Chanel’s very own  Courchevel store.

Photograph by Jason Lloyd Evans at Chanel AW18