Wednesday 4th May

| BY Jack Moss

Chanel: Cruise 2017 In Havana

After a day soaking up the exquisite architecture and magical atmosphere of Cuba, off our Editor-in-Chief Sophia went in a trail of 50s, 60s and 70s vintage convertibles to Chanel’s Cruise 2017 show. Held on the Paseo de Prado, a tree-lined seaside boulevard that straddles old and new Havana, it was the very first time a fashion show has taken place in the country.  And how better to begin than with Chanel? Locals lined the streets, watching from balconies, joining attendees like Gisele, Vanessa Paradis and the wonderous Tilda Swinton to catch a glimpse of the spectacular – a romp through the country’s heritage, all through the filter of Chanel – from the now-essential panama hat to floating skirts with colourful car prints, embroidered florals, glittering gowns and berets, alongside Chanel’s take on the slider (fabulous, obviously) the collection was vibrant, modern and magical – totally transporting and considered, reflecting the colours of the Cuban city. What else do you expect from King Karl? He appeared at the end in a sequinned Hedi Slimane tux, saying that the show was inspired by “the cultural richness and opening of Cuba”. “The scenes around the Chanel show today, crowds filled every building, crowded on to all the balconies that surrounded the central collage which today was transformed into the most spectacular show venue,” Sophia said. “The clothes too embrace the locals and was an absolutely spectacular show”. Jealous doesn’t even cover it. Stay tuned for more from the show – the show pictures are coming soon…