Monday 19th February

| BY Finn Blythe

Chanel Launch New Augmented Reality Initiative With Farfetch

ChanThe brave new world of augmented reality, which at one point seemed but a distant inevitability, is now all but upon us. What’s needed to create a new world? Gods. Here, taking the form of Chanel and Farfetch- deities of their respective industries, who have come together to develop a range of so-called ‘digital initiatives’ that promise to propel customer experience, on and offline, in and out of store, into a new age. Brill. Does this mean we could walk round Chanel’s augmented boutique in our pants, trying on every look in the store with an IRL Maccie D’s tucked under our arm? The dream double binge. They haven’t confirmed as much, although they have suggested that Chanel will employ Farfetch’s global technology platform to create its own enhanced augmented retail experience. We’re just choosing to interpret along the above lines of nudey eating and shopping. Because what’s the point of an augmented reality if you’re only allowed to do all the same things ordinary reality offers?

Photograph by Jason Lloyd Evans