Wednesday 17th October

| BY Dino Bonacic

Chanel Open Their New Walton Street Boutique in London’s Chelsea


On the crossroads of Chelsea and Kensington, a shiny white townhouse is standing tall. Its windows are clad with mirrors, crisp white canopies are extending from its historic construction. Even if the logos weren’t there, it’s unmistakably clear this is a Chanel store. But upon further inspection, it’s also clear a regular boutique it ain’t.

At 200 Walton Street, all the wonders of Karl Lagerfeld’s wondrous creations are hidden within the black and white walls. Imagined as a bigger and better interpretation of a townhouse boutique, the just-opened Chanel store was designed by architect Peter Marino both from inside and out, with custom artwork commissioned from artists like Michael Rovner and John Cretan. Lesage-embroidered drapes are shading the windows to the open terrace, while the bouclé soft furnishings complete every corner of the space. The shoe salon is on the ground floor, luring in the Cinderellas from the street. Up a flight of stairs and, for the first time ever, the same space is housing both the fine jewellery and the costume jewellery. It’s a reflection on the contemporary ways of shopping – if you like a Chanel brooch, you don’t really care if it’s a diamond or a crystal. You just want it. On the top floor it’s Lagerfeld’s ready-to-wear. Right now, it’s all the rich tweeds in earthy tones from the forest-themed AW18 show cascading on the shiny stands. The highlights of the whole space are definitely the changing rooms – big enough to house a king-size bed and then some. It’s basically inviting you to try every single piece in the store and spray the perfumes from the little side tables.

But beware, this is not just a shopping experience. It’s stepping into the world of Coco Chanel, with an option to buy part of the gallery-like fantasy. Art and fashion – it’s the best of both worlds.

The new Chanel boutique has opened at 202 Walton Street Boutique.

chanel-walton-street13_Walton_street_boutique_opening_pictures_by_Andrew_Meredith 21_Walton_street_boutique_opening_pictures_by_Andrew_Meredith