Tuesday 24th May

| BY Jack Moss

Chanel To Create The Wardrobe For Woody Allen’s New Film

Woody 1

That, my friend, is acting. The picture I mean. Just look at Ms Stewart, here perfecting the slightest intake of breath, the wistful head tilt. This girl is knowing. Perhaps too knowing. The kind of girl who leaves you sobbing into an whisky on the rocks (which at this point you neither need, want nor like) at a hotel bar as you tell her your entire life story, including your deep-seated father issues and time you wet yourself in the back of cab. No names named, of course. But, from one fellow luvvie to another (I had a brief but brilliant Am Dram career) – I can tell you that acting is much simplified when you can really inhibit your character. To live inside of them. To wear their feelings as if they are your very skin. Yes, go method. Never break character. Anne Hathaway chasing an Oscar shit. And how better to do so, when playing a most fabulous rich and beautiful 1930s lady (as we presume Ms Stewart does here) than by enveloping yourself in a fucking lovely wardrobe? And what, may we ask, is more fucking lovely than Chanel? Thank the lord then, that Karl, in his infinite benevolence, offered his sartorial talents to Woody Allen’s latest, Cafe Society. Watch Ms Stewart and her fabulous Chanel wardrobe in action when the film hits screens at some point in the near future. Bon vivant!