Tuesday 30th March

| BY Claudia Croft

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy Acquires Major investment from Tomorrow LTD

Congratulations to Charles Jeffrey and his Loverboy label! The Scottish superstar has just secured a major investment from Tomorrow LTD.

Loverboy has made a huge impact in six years. The label grew out of a Dalston club night at Vogue Fabrics, which Jeffrey started to fund his way through the Central Saint Martins MA. Founded on a heady mix of club juice, eyeliner, the collaborative energy of the queer community and masses of creative chutzpah, Jeffrey now boasts 50 stockists worldwide – as well as a booming direct to consumer website. His distinctive knits and Loverboy tartans have attained cult status, whilst the inclusive values of the label have inspired a loyal and growing following.

Indeed, the move illustrates just how valuable an asset community now is to customers brands and investors – combine that with a distinctive look and you will succeed. “I started my business in my bedroom six years ago as queer club night to allow a space for people to expand their minds,” says Jeffrey in a statement. “Since then I have worked so hard with my team to get it to the brand it is now. I am so proud of what Loverboy stands for and the community that orbits it, by investing in the label, Tomorrow enables Loverboy to expand its mission and continue its story, to emphasise the collective and collaborative approaches that have been so crucial to its development, to move from a lone star to a constellation.”

Expect many more collaborations and a louder voice for Loverboy as it expands its appeal.

Photograph from inside Issue 66 of 10 Magazine, shot by Jenny Brough and styled by Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou. Order your copy here.