Thursday 21st June

| BY Roxy Lola

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY Presents Pride At Topshop Topman

Charles Jeffrey is proud. Jeffrey’s LOVERBOY label is the ultimate wonderland of freedom. Collaborating with Topshop Topman on an exclusive collection of T-shirts, Jeffrey sought out five young LGBTQI+ artists to each create a Tee based on one of the five rights fought by their community in the UK. Yes, the T-shirts are good but we have our eyes on the campaign. Photographed by Thurstan Redding and most importantly styled by our one and only Joel Traptow it is, simply put, a piece of art. Pride art. Inside the Pale Blue Door, known for it’s kickass parties and drag queen dinners it’s where Charles Jeffrey’s Topshop feels so right. A dramatic fantastical aura of hot colours and confidence. And obvi it’s been styled to perfection, our new visual rulebook on how to style our new Charles Jeffrey x Topshop T-shirts. Which, by the way, we’ve just received and are really brilliant. We will wear them with pride. “Our community is alive with really vital talent, and in pulling together this project I wanted to spotlight some of the image-makers I think deserve to be seen,” Charles Jeffrey said. “I’m glad we could anchor the message into one of both gratitude and awareness; gratitude to everyone who fought for the rights we currently have in the UK, and an awareness of those people around the world who may not yet be so lucky.” Happy Pride. /