Sunday 11th October

| BY Jack Moss

Charlotte Cotton: Photography Is Magic

Magic Photo

Magic – remember that? That thing that was killed off somewhere between David Blaine in a glass box and the advent of the world wide web. But this once esteemed art is having a resurgence thanks to Charlotte Cotton’s wonderful new tome, Photography is Magic. Which is about, well, the magic of photography. Or, in her far more eloquent words – ‘”The magical possibilities that are created in our imaginations by these artistic gestures are prompts for the future of photographic practice.” And what a magical book this is – containing a sequence of photographs from the world’s finest photographers, all designed to operate like a visual card trick. “My intention was to create a book that anyone could pick up and devour,” says Cotton of the book. “I think the results are delicious.” And whilst we’ll agree it is visually delicious, don’t try eating it. Because, well, the effects on your bowel will not be so magical. Digest this bewitching tome with your eyes only.

Photography is Magic by Charlotte Cotton is available to buy now, published by Aperture.