Wednesday 14th December

| BY Jack Moss

Chloe Sevigny Stars In J.W.Anderson’s Brand New SS17 Campaign

A welcome return of Chloe Sevigny to the printed page (or, in this case, computer screen) starring, as she does in J.W.Anderson’s brand new SS17 campaign. And looking rather angelic, non? We’re enjoying the grown out locks. And she, for want of a better term, gives good stool. By which we mean, as people who have tried several times to look elegant whilst perched on a bar stool, we can attest that it’s no easy task. The rest of the campaign is typically beautiful stuff from Jamie Hawkesworth – colourful jumpers blowing in the breeze, hanging next to a nice houseplant or, as it looks like in the last image, chucked out of the window. Sacrilege! Isn’t there a law against a J Dubz garment touching the ground?

Talent: Chloe Sevigny
Photographer: Jamie Hawkesworth
Styling: Benjamin Bruno
Art direction: m/m Paris