Friday 2nd September

| BY Will Johns

Christopher Kane Launches Special Archive Tote

Chris Kane

I don’t know about you, but there are times we often find ourselves staring into space, smiling. Psychopathic we are not. No, we’re just daydreaming about all of the beaut creations Master Kane has oh so kindly gifted us over the years. Which of course then leads to a Vogue Runway season by season, look by look marathon, complete with gasps of euphoria, screams of pleasure, tears of joy etc. etc. It’s our second main source of endorphins. But what an effort. Christopher knows. He understands our needs, our wants, our deep desire for his exquisite fashions. Which is why has has created the ideal solution. A tote bag printed with every single look the designer has ever sent down the catwalk. Ever. And it’s available as of today. Gasp! Scream! It’s part of a ‘very’ limited edition project, one of the products being launched on the first Friday of every month. And once it’s gone, it’s gone. What are you waiting for?