Monday 16th June

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Christopher Raeburn London Collections Men

Christopher Raeburn:  London Collections: Men Spring/Summer 2015 Backstage Boys

G.I. Joe was tired of the military lifestyle. He’d had enough of the early mornings, the military drills, the bloodshed – he wanted a different life. So he moved to the city and found himself drawn by the pulls of a more fashionable existence. Not wishing to abandon his military heritage but wanting to assimilate to the modernity of his new lifestyle, he struggled to find a wardrobe that fitted the bill. Until he discover Christopher Raeburn that is. Masculine but with an undeniable sense of cool, Raeburn’s uniform of hooded sweaters, patched bombers, mesh T-shirts and bulky rucksacks won him over in a flash. These are clothes for boys with toys. Toys like pistols, submachine guns, shotguns and assault rifles. 

Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans

By Ted Stansfield