Monday 10th July

| BY Finn Blythe

Clare Waight Keller Reveals Her First Teaser Campaign For The House Of Givenchy

Currently trying to shield Claire Waight Keller’s very first campaign for Givenchy from the eyes of one Phoebe Briggs. She’s a right cat lady. Like the Madonna of cats, nobody’s is safe. Here, Saffron Vadher, Meghan Roche, Elias Bouremah and Kolton Bowen, make themselves comfortable in front of Steven Meisel’s lens, stretched out wearing what is the first look at Ms Waight Keller’s designs for the house – which currently is not much more than a bit of lace. Ouuu. But, when attractive people such as these give you the eye, cat in hand, how can you say no?

And this is all about seduction – it’s in the campaign name, “Transformation Seduction.” As Clare herself noted: “I love the idea of a woman with a feline air…a person may seem slightly reserved, but they have that serene, straightforward gaze. They’re seductive. You want to meet them, know more about them, and be like them”. And, in a nice move full circle, apparently Hubert Givenchy himself loved cats. Aww. We await to see what comes next…