Monday 15th May

| BY Jack Moss

Coach 1941 Take Us To Space With New Capsule

You might have been mistaken for thinking that the boys of Coach 1941’s AW17 show (or, in the case of the girls who joined them on the catwalk, Pre-Fall 2017) were perhaps off on a jaunt to the outer reaches of the universe on account of those NASA badges and flying space shuttles slapped across their outfits. But you would be wrong. Sorry. Because this was not about space travel per se – rather, those badges spoke of a certain nostalgia – namely, as Stuart Vevers said: “LA kids in New York” in the 1980s and 1990s. As a child of the late (emphasis on “late”) 1980s, albeit in the slightly less glam location of “just outside of Reading” – I can attest for the fact that everyone LOVED a badge back then. I had one with Kraft Cheese on it. It was brill. So think of this capsule collection, containing all those space-themed bits from the show, as a bit of a chance to recapture your youth, or, for those of you who like our Features Assistant Finn celebrating a disgusting infantile birthday today (happy birthday babes!), a chance to live vicariously through your elders. There’s varsity jackets, purses, clutches, gilets and more, all emblazoned with either NASA or other space-based illustrations – including an appearance from Coach’s dino mascot Rexy, who this time finds himself in space. We come in peace (and we’d like a bag).

Coach 1941’s SPACE collection launches today, with pieces hitting and worldwide retailers of the next month