Monday 1st February

| BY Jack Moss

Coach Launches Menswear Pop-Up In Harrods


A pop-up shopping opportunity courtesy of Coach. No longer will we have to smuggle our belongings to work in sub-par receptacles or clothe our bodies in less-than-perfect outfiture – us boys will now be able to lay our hands on full runway looks from Coach’s show at LCM last year, yes – “from the trio-toned leather bomber, psychedelic swirl outerwear to leather printed backpacks.” Oooh. Enough to satisfy even the most deep of Coach-based yearnings. The location? Posh department store Harrods, in that land far off known as “west London” –  a bit of a trip from Ten HQ, but yanno us, where there is fash involved we’re willing to travel. It’ll have it’s own special zone inside, complete with those wooden skateboard ramps from the show for those of you who want to show off a “half-pipe” or similar (disclaimer: said ramps probably aren’t for actual use). Over to Coach head-honcho, Stuart Vevers – “Harrods have an inherent understanding of that customer so to see Coach 1941 in the store is an important landmark in our evolution.” Credit cards at the ready boys… /