Friday 24th November

| BY Joel Traptow

Colette Mark Their Closure With Final Saint Laurent Collaboration


As all fashion fans are aware, Paris super-boutique Colette is near its end – sad, sad, sad. But they are going out with a bang – another Parisian wonder, Saint Laurent, is taking the first floor hostage and has some uber-fab things in store for us (har har). As the last and final brand collaboration for the store, Saint Laurent really pulled out all the stops – it is, quite literally, anything and everything you could ever need – and some things you didn’t even know you needed.

Of course there will be t-shirts and hoodies, because are-you-even-a-fashion-brand if you’re not selling the t-shirts and hoodies? Of course, the classic leather goods we will be there too, in exclusive-to-Colette styles. But now on to more niche items: a vintage Polaroid camera with custom black frame film, or heart-shaped chocolates and dessert by Pierre Marconi, or maybe, if you’ve got a whole lotta cash wearing a hole in your trousers… a Vespa! Said Vespa is all black of course. Handy for a run-around Paris. For the art lovers, there is a special set of 16 pieces by world-renowned Japanese artist Nobuyoshi Araki, set up on the mezzanine for your viewing and buying pleasure. 

And, because here at Ten Towers, safety is something we take very seriously, there are also helmets for sale – your choice of fully crystallised or not (no guessing our choice). You might be asking: “okay, there’s something for everyone on my “nice” list, but what about the naughty list?” Well, YSL branded paddles for, well… spanking. Painfully luxurious. These, of course, are just a few of our personal favs – we highly suggest going and checking the whole selection out for yourself – running from November 27th to December 20th, it really is your last chance before our beloved Colette closes for good. /