Thursday 6th September

| BY Dino Bonacic

Collusion Is the Brand You Need To Know Right Now


For youth, by youth. It’s Collusion. What is that, you ask? Oh, just the freshest brand to come up on our radar. Just announced as the unisex, affordable label “for the coming of age”, Collusion was created by a line-up of young creatives – students, stylists, activists, image-makers and authors – in collaboration with our virtual high-street fave ASOS. Set to launch on October 1st, it’s the first lot of six youngsters that will showcase their own ideas of what Gen-Z is supposed to look, dress and express itself like.

It’s uniquely opened for dialogue with the generation it’s designed for – a new kind of democracy we never saw before. To visualise this unique approach, Collusion got director Dan Emmerson and photographer Tom Sloan to capture the diverse group of 100 young people living in Britain who have contributed to creating the brand. And yes, we know we’re not exactly 18, but we believe age is just a number. That’s why we’re so excited about this project. It changes the way we look at clothes and imagines the industry of fashion in a new way – the power is in everyone’s hands. October 1st is the day – to Collusion we go!


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