Wednesday 23rd November

| BY Jack Moss

Comme des Garçons Have Launched Their Own Emojis


Following in the hallowed footsteps of Karl Lagerfeld, Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna, here’s a selection Comme des Garçons flavoured-emojis for the holiday season. Because in ten years time we’ll all be inanimate amoebas able only to communicate via teeny tiny pictures. Or something. These ones, created by the Japanese house, are all based on a holiday theme, being as it is, we guess, Thanksgiving tomorrow in America. Which, from what we can see from this selection of emojis involves eating, boozing and crying, amongst other such emotions one might experience when having to spend more than an hour with one’s family. The emojis – twenty in total – all are a take on Comme’s iconic heart logo, originally created by Filip Pagowski. So, why speak English when you can speak Comme? The app is available on the App Store from today.