Thursday 8th March

| BY Finn Blythe

Delfina Delettrez Is Celebrating Things That Come In Pairs With Her Latest Jewellery Collection

Delph2That old adage of good things coming in pairs feels particularly relevant here, although, in Delfina Delettrez’s case, it should really be, ‘the best things come in pairs’, because Ms Delettrez does not dabble in the good, darling, only the best. Quite possibly our favourite jeweller, Ms Delettrez has a pedigree in chic, an eye for beauty that runs gene deep, being as she is, a scion of the House of Fendi and vendor on 10 Curates – is there any higher validation? In her latest jewellery collection, ZIP Code, Delfina toys with the transience of youth, embodied by the campaign’s muse, and little sis to Delfina, Leonetta Luciano Fendi. But what of this pairs business? As a celebration of the recent arrival of twins into Delfina’s life (huge congratulations from us all), this collection is all about duality, a marriage of form and function that means each individually crafted piece of jewellery comes with more than the orthodox function of making bits of your body sparkle. Just like the inconspicuous gadget of some high-flying international secret agent, these earrings for instance, double up as the ideal bubble blower, as demonstrated by Leonetta below. Ok, so maybe not much use in a high-stakes espionage scenario, but since that’s not a typical occurrence for us, we’ll take a bubble blower any day of the week.

Delph1 Delph3