Friday 6th November

| BY Jack Moss

Derek Ridgers: The Others

The Others. Nope, not the 2001 supernatural thriller starring Nicole Kidman that I once declared to be “the best horror film of all time”. No, this is a book, by Derek Ridgers, published by IDEA books this November. Which, much like anything IDEA books turn their hand to, deserves equally high praise. Ridgers is known for his photographs of London youth culture during the 1980s – blitz kids, Taboo, Heaven (long before the days of Porn Idol), skinheads, punk, new wave, new romantics. You know. According to IDEA Books, the tome will contain ‘one hundred previously unpublished photographs taken in London clubs and parties during many long nights in the 1980s. Pre-Instagram, iPhones, Tumblr and bloggers, The Others is the most amazing fashion and street style reference for NOW.’ Just look at that capitalisation. We’re sold already. The name of the book, the fourth published by IDEA in 2015, was taken from the name of a folder on Ridgers’ computer – a label for photographs that had not gone elsewhere, narrowing down 650 to the 100 that made it on to the pages. The book will be launched in Paris by IDEA and Kim Jones at the Comme des Garçons Trading Museum on 12th November. From 13th November, The Others will be available at Dover Street Market London and NY, Bookmarc stores in NY, LA, London, Paris and Tokyo and at IDEA’s website.