Thursday 1st March

| BY Finn Blythe

Diesel Announce New Collection With Shayne Oliver As Part Of The Red Tag Project

SOliverWhat is it about 2018 that has people hell-bent on re-writing the rules of fashion? Each passing week seems to bring more news of co-ed’s, design collectives and new lines operating outside of the fashion calendar. Does it sound like we’re complaining? Far from it, that’s just our excitable tone you’re mistaking- because we are in fact, all for a shake-up and a re-jig in the name of holding stagnancy at bay, which is exactly what Diesel are aiming to do with their new Red Tag project. Consider it Diesel’s personal contribution to subverting and updating fashions elemental forces.

No Creative Director? No problem. Because in spite of the lack of replacement following Nicola Formichetti’s departure last year, the Red Tag Project is brand founder Renzo Rosso’s genius solution, conceived with the aim of hosting globally esteemed designers to create one-off capsule collections. First up is Shayne Oliver, the enigmatic designer who’s enjoying a current hiatus from his New York-based brand Hood By Air after guest designing for a revived Helmut Lang. Speaking on his ten piece capsule collection, Oliver gave some clues about we can expect to see, “I love denim’s heritage and its American roots, as well as Diesel’s Italian core. This capsule is really the language of Renzo, the brand founder. Refined razor sharp denim aesthetics that devours the excesses of trendiness” We specialise in devouring excess so count us in.