Monday 11th January

| BY Jack Moss

Diesel Campaign SS16 Launch Party

Nicola Formichetti hosted a trendy little shindig Saturday night to celebrate Diesel’s new SS16 campaign. Joined by several fashion-y young things, obv. Including a gentleman named Candy Ken who appeared to be topless and covered in Hello Kitty stickers. Google says he’s a Berlin-based rapper. Who knew? Other “influencers” (as media sorts might say) included Bip Ling, Princess Julia and a gang of drag queens. All posing in front of a sign saying “Can’t Stop Touching Myself”. Fab. Oh, and it was emoji-themed – “Diesel’s Spring/Summer 16 campaign comments on our digital culture, its #slogans and the joyful absurdities of our online/offline behaviour.” According to Artistic Director Nicola Formichetti (who certainly knows his stuff about phones and gadgets and all that stuff), “digital is now more real than reality. Emojis have become the new Esperanto, a universal language which is understood by millions.” Esperanto indeed. Even my Mum’s using it.