Thursday 10th December

| BY Jack Moss

Dior In-House Team To Design Next Two Collections


Do Christian Dior need a creative director? Do they heck! No, the French house has said “non merci!” to all the rumours and speculation, handing over the reigns not to a big wig designer, but their very own in-house team. Well, for the next two collections anyway – they will helm the upcoming Spring 2016 Couture and Fall 2016 collections. Which means no new Dior designer for a good while yet. Let the rumours continue to swirl! But, if you are worried about the future of the house, fear not – the is not an udderless ship – after seeing the oh-so-fabulous ladies and gents that work behind the scenes in Dior & I, we’re pretty sure the esteemed house is in good hands. Besides, the show must go on! We need our fill of Dior items to lust after. Those clothes don’t make themselves!

Photograph by Jason Lloyd-Evans, taken backstage at Christian Dior SS16