Wednesday 17th October

| BY Dino Bonacic

Dior Jewellery Launch ‘Rose des Vents’ Inspired by Christian Dior’s Lucky Star

According to a fashion legend, it was a five-pointed marble star that made Christian Dior become the grand couturier we know today. As he debated with himself on what to say to entrepreneur Marcel Boussac on whether he’ll go into business with him as a designer, Monsieur Dior stumbled on this star in front of the British Embassy in Paris. In his mind, this was the reason to say yes. As announced today, this totem of good luck and the piece of stone that possibly changed the course of fashion history is coming to London as part of the upcoming Victoria & Albert Museum exhibition Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams, opening to public on February 2nd. But in the mean time, the team at Dior are bringing us some more portable lucky stars to discover.

Rose Des Vents is one of the latest collections to be designed by Victoire de Castellane, the head of the fine jewellery department at the French fashion house. Inspired by Monsieur Dior’s beliefs in chances, signs and superstitions, it consists of multicoloured medallions with the compass roses emblazoning modern jewels. Bib-styled and single pendant necklaces, bracelets, earrings and two different styles of rings, all emblazoned in the good luck talismans. The colour options are quite unique too – the mother-of-pearl off-white, a lapis lazuli blue, malachite green, turquoise and pink opal, as well as some brand new neon hues. All in 18kt white and yellow gold, with diamonds encrusted inside the stars. A rose herself, model Anna Ewers is demonstrating the power of a good jewellery as the face of a campaign. “A rose is a rose is a rose,” Gertrude Stein wrote in 1913. We’d like to believe it’s this campaign she had in mind. Just a hundred or so years too early.

Dior Jewellery’s Rose des Vents collection is available in selected Dior boutiques worldwide and online.