Friday 4th September

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Diormag: Rihanna

It’s no secret in the office that I’m wildly obsessed with Rihanna. “Bitch better have my (insert object)” is often my response to anything on a daily basis. So you can imagine the frenzy I got into when I saw these images in my inbox. In truth, the frenzy wasn’t as crazy as you may have just imagined as I had already seen the images on @badgalriri’s Instagram (how haven’t you, they were crazy crazy viral). You may have seen them and boasted to your friends “I’ve seen RiRi in the new Dior campaign, have you?”. But you couldn’t be more wrong as this is not the new Dior campaign, but, in fact, an editorial from Issue 11 of DIORMAG. So call up everybody you know and make sure you let them know you have passed on the incorrect information because, bitch better have my information. Peruse the images in the scroller above. They’re all shiny and pretty.

Photographer: Craig McDean

Stylist: Mel Ottenberg

Make-up Artist: Peter Philips

Set Designer: Jack Flanagan

Hair: Yusef Williams