Monday 6th April

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Sick Of Your Housemates Already? Team Ten Share Their Dream Lockdown Buddies

We’ve already given you a step-by-step guide on how to deal with your housemates during self-isolation. But what if none of that works and a certain someone still makes you want to tear your hair out? Well, we have a brand new solution for you. You’ve probably been spending a little too much time on Instagram as of late, no? Who do you follow that fills your scrolls with so much joy and laughter? Well take that person(s) and picture the life of luxury your lockdown would be if you could share a roof with them instead of your grumpy boyfriend or lazy bestie. Easy peasy. To give you some inspiration, we’ve picked who our dream isolation buddies would be. If we wish hard enough maybe it’ll become a reality, right?

PHOEBE BRIGGS, Editorial Director 

“On a serious note, it would definitely be Britney Spears because she is on a similar intellectual level to me right now. She posts stuff about waking up and being happy because her hair has gone curly… I mean that’s the sort of upbeat thinking I need right now 🙌. Plus she’s been helping out her followers in need which is lovely.”


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GARTH SPENCER, Executive Fashion Director

“I’d pick RuPaul for being a great world leader and a true inspiration for every day; Leslie Jordan to look at the world with and bring humor to any situation; Tiger King’s Joe Exotic for great bedtime stories and an iconic sense of style; and Nick Jonas because he’s such a great singer and actor.”


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CLAUDIA CROFT, Deputy Editor & Fashion Features Director

“I’m stuck in the house with a grumpy husband and a stir-crazy nine-year-old son. I love them dearly but every day I fantasise about alternative housemates – you know, the kind that make lockdown look aspirational. Here’s my sheltering in place personality wish list.

1. Marc Jacobs: He’s a living reminder of the morale-boosting joy of fashion. Every day he puts on a display of top-level, no-fucks, high fashion. This is total closet queenery of the highest order. Rick, Celine, Cartier, Prada, Huntsman, Mikimoto; Jacobs serves 10th Dan dress upmanship of the most extreme kind. His commitment is total, as is my respect. Also, I’ve given up on mani-pedis but Marc hasn’t.

2. Kiddie Smile: Never a dull moment with this fella. The soundtrack is ace and he’s always up for live chats and brilliant choreography shares. He makes great pancakes and has an interesting selection of loungewear. What more could you want?

3. Bella Hadid: She has spent lockdown lounging around semi-naked and looking so hot she gave me a temperature. Pass the Paracetamol – she’s wearing a bikini again.”


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KATHERINE JENKINS, Deputy Art Director

“Me and Nigel Slater will be fine.”

HELENA FLETCHER, Fashion and Features Assistant

“Louis Theroux, my mate Amy and Delia Smith. Great food, great chat and I’m sure a couple of boozy nights. Let’s be havin you!!!”

PAUL TONER, Editorial Assistant

“Alison Hammond, Nadine Coyle and Adam Ray Okay (AKA Rosa) all living under the same roof? This is the sitcom we deserve.”