Monday 6th March

| BY Finn Blythe

DSquared2 Unveil New Club Suit For Manchester City


It’s not often I get asked to write about something football related here at Ten. Makes sense, considering we’re a fashion magazine, but I fully intend to make the most of my opportunity to briefly indulge in football-related chat. That said, as a Manchester United fan, it pains me that this moment involves Manchester City (for those of you unaware, we don’t get on) and even more so to see how fabulous they all look in their new DSquared2 club suits, which have been unveiled as the latest sartorial instalment of a partnership between the Caten Twins and the club that was announced late last year. As though manager Pep Guardiola needed any more assistance with his already more-than-solid get up, this multi-year partnership will ensure him, his players and all his coaching staff will be looking ultra-sharp when they turn up for away Champions League gamesLet’s just hope that those trouser pockets are up for the abuse it will inevitably receive from Pep, a man who’s hands are a blur of frantic signalling, and who has torn more trouser pockets dishing out instructions on the sidelines than I own actual pairs of trousers.