Wednesday 24th February

| BY Jack Moss

Dunhill Has A Brand New Digital Home

Dunhill Sho

Welcome to Dunhill’s new digital home. Which is like a real home, except it only exists on the internet. But that’s fine. Great, in fact. Because now you can lay your hands on Dunhill’s clothes without having to move from your seat. Provided you have some sort of new fangled internet-enabled device. Slash a computer. It has an online shop, you see. Full to the brim with goodies for the the posh gent that exists somewhere inside of us all. Alongside the store, they are also introducing “The Club” (no weird initiation process, don’t worry) promising a full immersion into the world of Dunhill. In their words – “notions of masculine style, gentlemanly pursuits and innovation are the perennial themes that have resonated throughout dunhill’s auspicious history, and The Club allows a new generation of international customers to browse dunhill collections, and with one click learn about the house’s esteemed history”. So, all you manly sorts go forth awaits…