Thursday 30th November

| BY Finn Blythe

Elijah Wood Delivers Prada In Their New Film Series

Here, actor Elijah Wood stars as a “Prada Server.” Which is like a normal server – i.e. those people that jump out on you and serve you with court summons- except, instead of letting you know that you are about to be sued for millions of dollars, he delivers you Prada instead. Which is far nicer. So goes the latest instalment in Prada’s film series with American photographer Autumn de Wilde, and a follow up to the 2015 debut project ‘The Postman Dreams.’

In the first story, ‘The Bogey’, our enigmatic postman finds himself in what he mistakenly assumes to be a deserted car park. Wrong! Out of sheer eagerness to deliver our heroine of the tale – the iconic Prada Galleria bag – he inadvertently walks right across what is in fact a film set (a faux pas known in the biz as a ‘A Bogey’ – hence the name), to deliver the Prada wares to actress Emma Roberts, who is playing herself. Filming is temporarily put on hold as more important issues take centre stage, namely, the unpacking of said Prada beauty.

The second film draws on those old B&W screwball comedies of the 1930s, but here, our postman, keen as mustard, is given the run around by actress Sasha Frolova. Why’s she running?! Or rather, why is she running away from the Prada? Wrong way girl. She’s playful, clearly. One who takes pleasure in a game of cat and mouse with the wide-eyed young postman – bet she felt a bit silly when she realised all he wanted to give her was lovely new season Prada. It’s safe to say we will be keeping an eye out for Elijah Wood like never before. Where’s our Prada?

Watch the ‘The Bogey’ above and visit Prada’s website for episode two, as well as forthcoming third and fourth installments.