Monday 7th December

| BY Jack Moss

Emilio Pucci: The Pilot Episode

I imagine Hollywood to be a mass of worried looking actors chattering wildly about pilot episodes they once starred in – “did it get renewed?!” they ask, before fading back into the Los Angeles night. Now, Massimo Giorgetti is not an actor. He’s a fashion designer. And he’s not in Hollywood, he’s in Italy. But, bear with me here. he too has a pilot episode, well, a collection named after one – “The Pilot Episode”, shown last June at Pitti. It was Giorgetti’s very first for the house of Emilio Pucci – a kaleidoscopic take on Pucci’s codes and prints, “sexy in that buttoned up, what lies beneath way,” as Natalie wrote at the time. And did it get renewed? Of course it did. And for the one after. So, to celebrate the collection’s launch, Pucci have rigged up their very own minisite, also named “The Pilot Episode”, unlocking “a whimsical, kaleidoscopic video collage that contextualizes the Pilot Episode in a historical and very Florentine setting,” where “the brand’s founder Emilio looks on indulgently while models lean languidly against Florence’s most iconic monuments or pop out of the cathedral dome like girls out of birthday cakes.” Oo-er. And, for those seduced by this new vision (aka everyone) then if you purchase an outfit from the collection you’ll get a white T-shirt signed “Emilio Pucci” – “the metaphoric blank canvas that Massimo Giorgetti presented in his declaration of intent when signing with the brand this past March.”

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