Monday 10th September

| BY Dino Bonacic

Emporio Armani Will Hold Their SS19 Show at The Milan Airport

Giorgio Armani (born in 1934), Italian stylist.  Milan. Jean-Marie Périer for "Designers's World" in Elle Magazine (n°2681) in May, 19th, 1997.

Living that jet-set fantasy life à la Paris Hilton circa 2006 – plush tracksuits and all = us at an airport in a nutshell. But if we were ever allow anyone to change our mind on this, it would be Giorgio Armani. “Airports are places full of symbolism. They suggest unbounded openness to the world outside. You take off to discover and learn, or come back after experiencing countless adventures,” Mister Armani says. He’s speaking about the news that the upcoming Emporio Armani show will take place in a hangar at the Linate airport in Milan. Comes 9pm on September 20th and 2,300 invitees (including members of general public) will head on over to this jet-set-spot-turned-SS19-catwalk to see Emporio Armani’s latest designs.

So, what do we expect out of the co-ed show now that we know the location? A few pilot hats and suitcases, a lot of navy-white combos and perhaps even an updated version of a velvet tracksuit. We’re counting on Emporio Armani to reform our travelling wardrobes to a level of Italian elegance that will make us look like we belong in First Class. Dear travellers, this is your last call for the Flight SS19 from Emporio Armani airlines, going to Milan…