Thursday 29th September

| BY Will Johns

Emporio Armani Go Pop With Artist Camille Walala

You may well have noticed that the Emporio Armani Spring Summer 2017 show did not happen in Milan this season. If you weren’t aware of the reasons why, you might have panicked. Quickly transcended into a state of shock, denial even. No need to fear dear, Mr. Armani has temporarily moved the show to Paris to celebrate the re-opening of the labels Saint Germain store which opens on the day of the show next week. The windows of the freshly renovated shop will showcase the brands exciting collaboration with pop artist Camille Walala, who has also created the accompanying short film ‘New Pop’. Reminiscent of the late-eighties school videos that you might have been played in your infant years that demonstrate the dangers of electricity or what happens when you mix hydrogen peroxide with hydrochloric acid, pop artist Camille Walala’s film imparts us with unexpected feelings of nostalgia. And this time round we’re paying attention, learning about Emporio Armani’s brand new collection of jazzy accessories we are rather desperate to get our claws on. Which is why we’ll be popping over to the store before the show on October 3rd – stay posted.