Wednesday 14th February

| BY Finn Blythe

Ermenegildo Zegna Unveil The Latest Chapter In Their Defining Moments Campaign

Ermenegildo Zegna are back with their next iteration of Defining Moments, the campaign of pedagogic heart-to-hearts between then and now generations of industry professionals. But this is so much more than any kind of, ‘when I was your age son…’ sort of spiel, it’s Zegna’s vision of the everyday moments that threaten to bring a smile to our otherwise stony visage. For us normals it might be the chat you had with Mum en route to the tube this morning, or the nice lady who alerted you to the fact that most of your clothes are inside out, but for Hollywood A-listers like Dev Patel, it means a casual natter with the likes of Javier Bardem.

Look at them go, just a couple of bros discussing life over some sport. Is this normal bro behaviour? According to our online source, a ‘brosesh’ is defined by “two or more individuals divulging secrets or life stories that are not known by many others.” We’re certainly in the right ball park. And speaking of balls, we’re hardly experts but even we know that golf balls aren’t shaped like that, and Javier seems in real danger of losing a foot. Maybe it’s all part of the “witty banter” and “lighthearted mood” referenced in la release, but whatever this curious force is, it’s captured in abundance in these beautiful Craig McDean-shot images.