Monday 5th December

| BY Jack Moss

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Pictures Of The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016

Oooh – exclusive! Our favourite word. Which also, handily, happens to be exactly what these photographs are. Captured backstage at this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show by the immensely talented Keith Baptista, they capture that magical moment literally moments, milliseconds, before the girls step out on to the catwalk. Obv they are currently making Ten Towers positively swoon with delight – groans and all. So feast your fashion-famished, bleary Monday morning eyes on a beauty that can only be described as well, ethereal. That goes, FYI, for both the girls and those breathtaking outfits. And, don’t forget – tonight is finally the night. Catch the show on CBS in glorious, moving technicolour. Hurrah!

Photographs by Keith Baptista