Thursday 14th December

| BY Finn Blythe

Family Portrait: Balenciaga Release Their Spring 2018 Menswear Campaign

Bal4I’ve always been a bit suspicious of family portraits – especially those ones people actually hang on the walls of their houses to desperately prove just how much they love each other. I mean, what’s love if you can’t capture it forever in a black and white photograph? That said, Balenciaga have just released their Spring 2018 menswear ads featuring the same real life families that stole the runway in Bois de Boulogne at Balenciaga’s June menswear show – and I’m feeling a bit more on board. Shot by Robbie Augspurger and styled by Lottie Volkova, the portraits combine double and full family shots to brilliant effect. The single (and possibly available?) father and his blonde progeny of cherubs return here, with said babes taking on the traditional and entirely genuine facial expressions that befit such an occasion, somewhere between bewilderment, apathy and total boredom. Perhaps they’ve yet to be informed that Balenciaga will be releasing a clothing line just for them, with their very first children’s line landing in stores next week. Ideal timing for anyone who, out of sheer desperation, considered resorting to giving their younger relatives a finger spinner for Christmas.

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