Wednesday 9th October

| BY Frankie Reffell

Farfetch Team Up With Thrift+ On A Charitable Resale Platform

This is the time of the year when your summer essentials get packed up or shoved to the back of the wardrobes as you bring out all the jackets and coats, scarves and hats. It’s also the perfect moment to get rid of those things you haven’t worn in years and probably won’t for those to come. So with that in mind, Farfetch just announced their new collaboration with Thrift+, a company with the mission of adapting charity shopping to the internet age. They provide an online shopping forum which offers a convenient medium between donating your old clothes to charity and making money from selling them. As part of the collaboration, Farfetch is offering their customers a chance to get involved through a unique outlet and, in return, get credit on their website. 

The process starts by ordering a free Thrift+ x Farfetch donation bag online and allocating the future profits to a charity of choice amongst the 160,000 charities that Thrift+ can connect you with. Once you pack up your unwanted clothes in the bag (it takes up to three working days to receive it), you can either book a free collection service or drop it off at a local drop-off point. Upon the sale of your item(s), the money will be split into three: one part sent to your charity of choice, another covering the Thrift+ service, with the third part going to your pocket in the form of Farfetch credit to be enjoyed on the website. In addition to the charitable philanthropy that the Thrift+ x Farfetch collaboration commits to, it also encourages an eco-friendly circularity by providing a convenient and sustainable way to recycle clothes. In light of the Extinction Rebellion protests and the growing eco-revolution, the partnership caters to the growing demand for a more environmentally-conscious shopping experience. An opportunity to clear your closet, contribute to a better world and earn credit to renew your wardrobe with fresh goodies stocked at Farfetch – does it get any better?

You can request your Thrift x Farfetch donation bag online.