Tuesday 6th December

| BY Jack Moss

Fashion Awards 2016: The Red Carpet

Because really, what would a fashion ceremony be without some, well, fashions? Luckily there were plenty of those to be had on the mahoosive red carpet at the glitzy Fashion Awards 2016 at the Royal Albert Hall last night. Personal highlights include Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell simply because, as you probably know, we are completely and utterly-on-the-point-of-legal-action obsessed with the songstress, Gigi Hadid, whose dress sort of reminds me of one of those napkin arrangements you get at a hotel wedding, if it were to be made by Versace, perfectly fitted to a supermodel’s bod and thus glorious, Alexa Chung in what we’ll describe as silk pyjama Prada eleganza and the lovely Ms Daisy Lowe in hot pink Antonio Berardi. Emphasis, of course, on hot. Honourable mention (and as a nod to the fact that yes, some menfolk did attend) goes to Jared Leto in a Gucci kimono-cum-bomber with shiny bowtie, a look we shall henceforth call: brave.