Wednesday 5th September

| BY Dino Bonacic

Fashion East Announce Their SS19 Lineup

L-R: Asai AW18, Yuhan Wang AW18, Charlotte Knowles AW18

BOOM. What was that? Oh, don’t worry – just the sound of the youthquake coming from the Fashion East HQ. The emerging designer platform just announced the lineup for their SS19 show that’s coming up next Sunday, September 16th and it’s embodying everything Fashion East is about.

Asai is coming back for his fourth round with the platform after debuting his colourful, crafty fantasy back in February 2017. If you’ve been out in East London, you’ve probably seen one of his Hot Wok tops around – the meshy, mismatched patchwork has already become the signature everyone wants to own. He’s totally the rebel of the lot.

The second brand on the menu is Charlotte Knowles led by Charlotte herself along with her partner and boyfriend Alexandre Arsenault. The new kind of sexy these love doves are bringing on the scene is just about the the fine, couture-like details in contemporary clothes for young women. They are the couple in the back of the class, smooching and barely paying attention to what the teacher is saying.

The final member of the Fashion East SS19 crew is Yuhan Wang. The newcomer has only recently graduated from CSM with her unraveled story of show and disguise, creating a beautiful collection of elegant womenswear that could easily become the red carpet options for the cool girls of Hollywood. Yuhan is the Baby Spice of the group, bringing in the softness and complete innocence to the Fashion East gang.

The countdown is on – September 16th at 3PM is when the cool kids of Fashion East will be showcasing all their talent. See ya there!

L-R: A Sai Ta of Asai, Yuhan Wang, Alexandre Arsenault & Charlotte Knowles of Charlotte Knowles