Tuesday 9th August

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Fashion East Announces Spring 2017 Line-up

Jason Lloyd-Evans

It’s August and all is quiet in fashiondom. No one stirs, not even a mouse. But you’d be wrong in thinking that it was safe to pop your head out again because as soon as the dust settles it is shaken up again. Like a snowglobe. Oooh, so pretty. First there was Maria in at Dior, then Raf in at Calvin. This time it is the announcement of the Spring 2017 class for Fashion East. Now whilst we are used to this line-up changing nearly every season, it that doesn’t mean we don’t still gasp telenovela style every time a new line-up is announced. Escandalo! The lucky 3 returners this season are Richard Malone, A.V. Robertson and Mimi Wade and they will be joined by Matty Bovan, marking his debut. I think that calls for champagne, no? Needless to say whatever they come up with this season will be FFF – funky, fresh and fab. And I certainly can’t wait. Can August be over and Christmas (fashion week) come early?

Photograph Mimi Wade at Fashion East AW16 by Jason Lloyd-Evans