Wednesday 18th September

| BY 10Magazine

Fashion East London Fashion Week S S 14 Ryan Lo


Ryan Lo gave us a bit of a Sylvanian Families striptease- no seriously, girls with animal painted faces in cute variations of nighties and negligees which in some cases increased suddenly in trademark frothy volume, and in others were paired with little knitted twinsets, and ribbon tied capes. Mad. But mad fun. Fashion East is always something we look forward to- as a shot of freshly squeezed talent, when our attention span is lagging slightly at the end of LFW. Ryans co-stars Claire Barrow and Ashley Williams also didn’t let down. While Barrows gothy art school cast stalked the backstage area in carefully detailed hand painted looks, Williams collection kept us most happy with it’s sharp and well finished pop-ishness. We’re dreaming of several dream boat logo’d moments when her collection finally hits shops. 

Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans

by Vincent Levy