Thursday 22nd September

| BY 10 Magazine

Fausto Puglisi: Ready-to-wear SS17

It was a little Madonna. Like A Prayer, Madonna. Mixed with Lady Gaga’s Judas. Two things people might say should never be mixed, but if anyone can do it, Fausto Puglisi can. For SS17 he decided to take you to church. Not your typical kind of church. It was more like the kind of church that a motorcycle riding, leather jacket wearing, cigarette smoking guy slash gal would attend. Before they end up behind bars the next day, because this church was also a prison. Filled to the brim with hot, topless inmates. No sign of any soap though, thankfully. A church prison. Hidden messages perhaps? We aren’t clever enough to figure that out. What we can figure out is the clothes though. Illuminated by the neon crosses that populated the space. Print dresses with wrapped around the body with studded belts, denim with leather patches, and it wasn’t all punk and groupies, she had little cute bows on her shoes too. Showing off her softer side. Although she looks like she would cut you if you tried to touch her frilly thigh highs. Like Madonna says, when we get on our knees it isn’t to pray, but in this case to worship his Holiness – take us now Fausto. We are ready for the Rapture. 

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans