Friday 4th December

| BY Jennifer Raymont

Fendi Opens a Caffe Inside Selfridges

As restaurants and bars begin to open after a month of lockdown, we certainly have built up an appetite for everything fine dining. The first spot we’re heading to is the newly opened Fendi Caffe – the ideal destination to re-energise during a healthy bit of retail therapy.

Selfridges will host the newly opened pop-up Caffe until January of next year. In preparation for the holiday season, the Caffe takes inspiration from Fendi’s holiday campaign. Traditional Christmas reds and greens are replaced with the chalky pinks and Fendi’s iconic yellow. An updated version of the FF logo covers the bar where you can try an exclusive Fendi curated grub. What’s on the menu? Fendi cocktails (with FF-stamped ice cubes), sweet and savoury bites to eat, and of course, plenty of hot drinks. The porcelain cups feature Fendi’s Pequin striped motif, first designed in 1983, and even the coffee comes decorated with the Fendi logo – giving even the best barista art out there a run for its money.

The Fendi Caffe is open till January 2021.