Tuesday 16th October

| BY Dino Bonacic

Fendi Mania Is The Latest Craze To Sweep The Nation

Fashion collage artists are the Insta-favourites at Ten Towers. Lady Neophitou herself is a massive fan too, so much so she loves to share her highlights with the whole office. “This one is brilliant!” the office sings on the daily, each one funnier than the one before. But we don’t just admire them from afar, some of these artists are often featured as part of the 10 Commandments inside the print issues of Ten. And so a special (perhaps slightly unaccountable) feeling of pride takes over when one of those artists goes on to do big things. Us early followers, just like the proud dance moms, are clapping from the sides and cheering with teary eyes. That’s us now, as we see Fendi Mania taking over the world. First imagined as a spoof on the Fendi and Fila fashion by Insta-artist @hey_reilly, later became a design collab – with the two heritage Italian brands creating the luxe sportswear pieces we absolutely didn’t know we needed. Now, this project is reaching its new heights.

Launching in Fendi’s stores and online worldwide today, the collab is now a full ready-to-wear and accessories line you need to be looking at. This graphic sportswear pieces that exude with the high craftsmanship of Fendi’s heritage are redefining the way we look at contemporary luxury.  A play on the logomania, the collection combines elements of true sports uniforms from boxing, basketball and even cricket with the evening-ready, elegant Fendi silhouettes. It’s like the wardrobes of Posh and Sporty Spice mashed up into one mighty super-wardrobe. Our number one on the shopping list? The teddybear logo robe modelled by Dilone. With a pair of socks, some sexy heels and nothing underneath. F is for Fendi, F is for Fila, and F is for f*ckin’ fabulous. Indulge in all of it now.

The Fendi Mania collection is available online and in Fendi stores from today.


Fendi Mania Collection_02 Fendi Mania Collection_09 Fendi Mania Collection_03 Fendi Mania Collection_05 Fendi Mania Collection_06 Fendi Mania Collection_07 Fendi Mania Collection_08